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Modest fashion is a fast-growing trend making style more inclusive for women of all faiths. Young religious women have been calling out for clothing that is conservative yet stylish, and finally the fashion industry is starting to take notice and discover the huge market they’ve been missing out on.

According to Pinterest UK, searches for "modest fashion" have increased by 500% in 2018, and Muslim fashion spend is predicted to reach £226 billion by 2020 in the UK alone. The style also appeals to women from other religions such as Christianity and Judaism, and those who simply feel more comfortable in modest clothing. Many modest fashion brands have launched to serve this demographic, including ecommerce store The Modist, but these young women want to shop at high street stores and designer brands too, and follow the same trends as their non-religious friends. They may not want to wear revealing outfits, but that doesn’t mean their clothing needs to be dull or outdated, and modest fashion can be very colourful and creative.

Fashion brands who have made promising steps to cater to modest dressers include Uniqlo, who collaborated with British-Japanese Muslim fashion designer Hana Tajima on a range of modest-friendly fashion. Spanish chain Mango launched a special Ramandan collection in 2017 and is popular with modest fashion followers in general. Designer label Max Mara also got involved with the trend by incorporating modest designs into their collection and working with Muslim model and influencer Halima Aden.

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As western countries become increasingly multicultural and diverse, the brands that dominate our high streets and malls cannot ignore the interests of shoppers from religious backgrounds. Those who embrace this demographic and make them feel included and valued will be a step ahead as their spending power continues to grow.

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