If you don’t know this app, you’re missing a market of 500 million consumers

In our latest guest post, China-focused digital marketing agency and YMS19 LDN partners Qumin introduce the fast-growing social app that they believe every youth brand should be using to grow their global audience.

How many is 500 million?

A simple act of Googling can give us some pretty stunning answers, for example, 500 million is the total population of the entire EU.

But if you are a digital marketer or brand manager with an appetite for China, you’d probably like to know that 500 million is the total number of Monthly Active User of Douyin, a Chinese short video platform loved mostly by Chinese youngsters.

Source:  Statista , Report - Most famous social network sites 2018, by active users

Source: Statista, Report - Most famous social network sites 2018, by active users

Statista’s data shows Douyin (mistakenly spelt as “Doujin” in the graph) is now the ninth most popular social media platform in the world, outranking Twitter (11th), Reddit (12th) and Snapchat (17th).

Many may shake their fingers and argue that, well, “it’s not THE most popular social media platform in China.” Whoever does this, they may have a point — WeChat, with its more than a billion users, is after all the towering Goliath on China's social media landscape. But they also overlook one crucial fact: 52.8% of Douyin’s users are under 24 years old.

WeChat may have more users, for now. But in Douyin’s palms lies the future.

The value of Gen Z has been the talking point for a while. As Voxburner has discussed at length, American Gen Z is transforming the global economy.

Gen Z is called “Post 95s” in China, referring to youngsters born between 1995 and 2000. Their economic and social power is equally, if not more, impressive.

According to Accenture, the total size of Chinese Gen Z has reached 250 million (half of all Douyin users), with an average monthly expense of 1,314 yuan, which brings the size of the youth market to a dazzling 48 billion USD — coming head-to-head with their American counterparts who are responsible for 44bn USD in spending.


Three unique factors that resonate deeply with Chinese Gen Z propelled Douyin to its prominence today — music, beauty and creativity.

Douyin, literally translated as “Shake the Music,” was born a music app, similar to Musical.ly, which was absorbed by Douyin’s developer Bytedance in 2017 and rebranded as Tik Tok earlier this year. On Tik Tok, users can sing along to popular songs and make their own impressions.

Then, in the growing trend of the social media-led obsession with nice-looking appearances among Chinese youngsters, the app added many advanced filters, stickers and other photo-editing features.

But it’s the platform’s openness and simplicity that facilitates Chinese youngsters to unleash their wonderful, sometimes wild creativity, which they use to tell their stories in the form of 15-sec short videos.

For brands that wish to reach Chinese Gen Z, whose yet-to-peak spending power has already been transforming the world economy, Douyin is the platform you can’t afford to ignore. Please contact Qumin if you’d like to learn more about how your brand can take advantage of this unique opportunity to reach the Chinese Gen Z audience.

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