Trend Alert: Squad

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A new app targeting Gen Z has got the tech industry buzzing as its creators pitch to bring screensharing to smartphones.

While screensharing is already a popular function of conferencing tools like Google Hangouts and Skype, it’s never taken off as part of social communication. The rise of video chat apps like YMS SFO speakers (and guests of our Youth Trends podcast), Houseparty, and in sharing screenshots from apps like Instagram and Tinder, suggests there would be huge demand for this concept among Gen Z.

Squad was launched recently by a team including tech influencers Esther Crawford and Chris Messina, with the tagline: “Hang out with friends together in any app.” Whether swiping through matches on a dating app, watching a new video by a favourite band, or choosing which shoes to buy, the app allows users to share their passions and live their digital lives with their friends. In a blog post celebrating the launch, Esther wrote that she hopes the app will help tackle the loneliness epidemic faced by young people, who say that despite being constantly connected, they still lack strong personal relationships.


So far, as a brand new app, Squad has attracted more interest from the tech industry than Gen Z themselves, but the founders say it has tested well with teen girls. With backing from investors including Y Combinator and Gary Vaynerchuk, expect to see a lot more of Squad in 2019.

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