5 youth marketing hacks for brands on a budget

When visiting the popular marketing blogs and publications, you’ll typically see campaigns from huge global brands heralded as the best examples of marketing today. While these campaigns are exciting and inspiring to anyone passionate about marketing, most brands don’t have marketing budgets in the millions. That’s why each year at YMS LDN we highlight the brands, from SMEs to charities and non-profits, who are winning with youth without spending big.

Here are five effective youth marketing strategies that are accessible to any marketer, no matter your budget.

Instagram comments

Instagram has always been known as a visual social platform, but these days, the comments are where young people air their views and make new friends. Not only should you be responding to comments on your posts, but also on others’. This is your chance to be part of the conversation, and meet young consumers where they are.


Digital agencies will offer to design a chatbot for you for a high price, but did you know you can actually create one yourself with no coding knowledge? Startups such as Chatfuel give you the tools to design a bot that engages visitors to your Facebook page. With impressive open and click rates, chatbots are a trend you don’t want to miss.

Employee influencers

If you don’t have a budget for influencer marketing, why not get your social media-savvy employees involved? Macy’s Style Crew is a great example from a major retailer, but this strategy can work for businesses of any size, as long as you have a way to incentivise your team to champion your brand online.

Facebook groups

Groups on Facebook are a great place to interact with young consumers and understand their lifestyles and views. We’ve written about the college meme groups keeping US students interested in the “increasingly uncool” social network, but there are also communities around every interest from Vegan Food UK to Notorious Pugs, and much more.

Student discounts

Offering a special discount for students is an effective way of making young consumers feel that your brand really cares about them. Platforms such as Student Beans, who will be speaking at YMS, provide technology enabling brands to verify student customers and reach their global network of student shoppers.

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