Trend Alert: CBD

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As cannabis becomes legal in an increasing number of countries and states, interest in cannabidiol (CBD) is growing from consumers and brands. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabis extract that is most commonly used as a way to relieve pain or reduce anxiety and depression. It is a natural, non-addictive alternative to painkillers and antidepressants.

In the UK, CBD oil is only legal for medicinal purposes. However, this does mean it can be purchased from high street health stores like Boots and Holland & Barrett, both as an oil and infused into other products as such as moisturising creams and lip balms. CBD e-liquids are also available from vape stores. Meanwhile, in the US, where cannabis is legal in 33 states for medicinal use and 10 states for recreational use, CBD-infused drinks such as cocktails and smoothies are a rising trend, championed by health and wellness influencers.

The popularity of these drinks has inspired the world’s largest soft drinks company, Coca Cola, to take interest. In 2018, it was reported that they are looking to launch a CBD-infused “wellness beverage.” The company behind Coors beer is also planning to launch a non-alcoholic CBD drink. Such big, trusted brands investing in the CBD trend should have a huge impact on legitimising and de-stigmatising it, undoubtedly influencing other established brands to get involved.

The popularity of CBD reflects a growing health-consciousness among young consumers, which we’ll be in exploring in 2019’s Youth Trends Report, to be launched at YMS19 LDN this April. While this smart, well-informed generation are shying away from the party drugs that were popular in the past, CBD appeals because of its health benefits, especially as a way to tackle anxiety, which is a major concern for young people. Marijuana is already most popular among people age 18-30, so we can expect the younger generation to lead the CBD trend as it grows in the UK and abroad.

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