Trend Alert: K-Beauty

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Korean pop music (K-pop) is already huge, with boyband BTS recently selling out a show at Wembley Stadium, but we think the K-beauty industry could be even bigger.

With an increasing youth interest in skincare over make-up, Korea is pioneering new products that beauty fans believe are the world’s best. The products are affordable with cute packaging, appealing to young consumers. Initially discovered online by fans of K-pop, K-dramas and Asian culture in general, the trend has grown so popular that K-beauty products are now easily available via UK stores such as Superdrug and Beauty Bay.

K-beauty products from Beauty Bay

K-beauty products from Beauty Bay

The obsession with beauty has driven innovation in Korea, but has also attracted concern, around the rise in cosmetic procedures among young women. It is socially acceptable for Koreans to have cosmetic surgery as young as their teens or early 20s, with body image pressures from social media among the reasons they feel an increasing desire for perfection.

As K-beauty trends reach the west, we could also see a rise in cosmetic treatments among young people. In the US, we’ve already seen the success of “aesthetics bars” like Alchemy 43, which destigmatise treatments such as botox and are introducing them to the Millennial and Gen Z demographic.

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