Trend Alert: Sky billboards

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Russian startup StartRocket is pioneering an outlandish new form of advertising, which could be the ultimate media buy for big budget brands. They recently partnered with PepsiCo to test their plan to display logos and messages in the sky using innovative CubeSat technology.

According to StartRocket, their orbital billboard will offer a CPM close to that of television, ranging from $9 to $15. They say it can display 3-4 different messages per day, and can reach people within a 50km² area. Their test with PepsiCo involved projecting the logo of their Adrenaline Rush energy drink brand across reflectors that source light from the sun. In future, they see the tech being used for entertainment, branded messaging, or emergency notifications.

News of the experiment was met with criticism by those who feel strongly that the night sky should remain an advertising-free space. Many people compared the idea to dystopian fiction and cyberpunk visions of the future.

While PepsiCo say they don’t currently have plans to use this technology further, it’s unlikely to be the last we hear of this attention-grabbing advertising strategy, especially as brands look for new ways to achieve cut-through with marketing-savvy young consumers and get an edge over their competitors.

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