Youth Marketing 101: What can brands learn from smart young influencers?

No matter how experienced your social media team are, you can guarantee that young, digital native influencers will always be one step ahead. Here are five things brand marketers can learn from these savvy self-marketers.

1. Know the algorithm

Influencers are as smart as any digital marketing expert on the whims of the ever-changing algorithms that dictate which social media posts perform best. After all, their livelihoods depend on it. They understand that what works one week may not work the next, so they keep their eyes open for rising trends. They use analytics tools to review and optimise their content for maximum reach and engagement.

2. Perfection is overrated

Influencers are increasingly eschewing the uniform visual design styles that were in fashion for the past few years, in favour of a more natural, eclectic content feed. A new breed of Gen Z influencer is emerging, such as Emma Chamberlain, known for her relatable, funny content. Gen Z is turned off by creators who display unrealistic ideals, recognising the negative impact this has on their generation.

3. Join the conversation

These days the comments section is where the drama takes place, and where communities are formed. Influencers encourage their followers to get involved and interact with others. When your fans befriend other fans, this makes them more loyal and engaged. As a brand, you shouldn’t be afraid to join in these conversations and make personal connections with your target consumer group.

4. Know your brand

Today’s influencers are acutely aware of their personal brand, and have a clear vision of what tone and types of content work best for them and their audience. They know instinctively what is and isn’t on-brand for them. To achieve this as a marketer, get your team together to think about your brand identity and the audience personas you want to target.

5. Keep it fresh

There’s always a new set of aspiring influencers hot on the tails of the current social media stars, so they know the importance of keeping up with trends and ensuring their content stays fresh and interesting. This could mean anything from joining new social platforms like TikTok and 21 Buttons, both of whom are speaking at YMS19 NYC, to taking part in viral hashtags and challenges.

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