Trend Alert: Slashies

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In the past, taking on multiple jobs was something people only did when they struggled to make ends meet. However, for a new generation of young people entering the workforce today, it’s increasingly common and even considered cool to have several sources of income. They are described as “multi-hyphenates” or “slashies.” These terms describe someone who has multiple job titles, typically separated in writing by a hyphen or forward slash.

The rise of the slashie fits alongside the trends of side hustles and startup culture that appeal to young professionals and graduates. Research has shown that 41% of Gen Z intend on starting their own businesses, and almost half do some freelance work. It’s estimated that by 2027, the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers. While this may be a reluctant move for older people who value a steady job, Gen Z are excited by the opportunity to have a varied career, and to be in control of their own success, instead of their fate being tied to that of their employer.

Despite concerns about the economy and an understanding that they won’t walk into a secure job straight out of university or college, Gen Z are optimistic about their careers. They are inspired by the entrepreneurial influencers and content creators they follow on social media, and empowered by the opportunities that the internet provides to make your own success. No matter where they live or what resources they have access to, they feel that the world is their oyster, and anyone can succeed through hard work and strategy. They may be graduating at a troubling time in history, but their positive attitudes and digital native abilities give them an edge over other generations in business.

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