5 reasons we're excited about the future in Gen Z's hands

Young people don’t always get a fair portrayal in the media, whether they’re being blamed for killing off industries from radio to meat, or being accused of being ‘boring’ because they don’t drink as much. However, here at Voxburner we spend our days discussing, talking to and reading about this generation, and we’re very optimistic about a future with them at the helm of business, politics, culture and more.

According to our research, Gen Z are...


While the media has mockingly called Gen Z ‘Generation Sensible,’ we prefer to call them ‘Generation Smart.’ As they have access to more information than any past group of young people, they are aware of the impact of their decisions, from what they eat to what they choose to study. Their long-term thinking drives trends such as veganism and the Climate Emergency movement, and the popularity of degrees like medicine and computer science.


Growing up with access to online content from all around the world has made digital natives more open-minded and interested in cultures other than their own. This means they can more easily relate to people from different backgrounds when they meet them through work and social life. As they reach the workplace, this should encourage more positive relationships between nations, and a more integrated community in multicultural places of work and study.


Young people entering the workforce today understand that they are doing so at uncertain times for employment and the economy, but rather than being negative about their prospects, they are taking an entrepreneurial approach to creating opportunities for themselves. For example, the Slashies trend shows their positive view on having a multiple income sources differs from older generations, who prioritised having a single, stable job.


The amazing content this generation shares on apps like Instagram and TikTok shows they are creative and innovative. They don’t need a fancy camera or design programme to create cool photos and videos. They also love to use their creativity to experiment with their personal identity and present it to their friends, as a way of defining themselves and connecting with like-minded peers. These talents make them great potential employees for brands and agencies.


Being well-informed about world issues has made Gen Z passionately opinionated about issues that resonate with them. These typically include subjects such as the environment, gender and LGBTQ+, racial equality, and human rights. They act on their ideals in various ways, from online activism to boycotting offending brands, and taking part in events such as the protests and marches. Having progressive views is a badge of honour for this group.

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