Why every youth brand should be prepping for Back to School season

If your brand wants to engage the US youth demographic, college students should naturally be integral to your marketing strategy. Not only are they an interconnected group of influential young consumers, but they’re also the business and cultural leaders of tomorrow.

While we believe students should be front of mind for youth brands throughout the year, the most important time to focus on this audience is Back to School season. Taking place between August and September, this is the time when new students are kicking off their college experience, and existing students are returning to campus for the new school year. Here’s why we think it’s crucial for youth brands to have a Back to School marketing strategy.

This is me

For new students, the first few weeks at college are a defining moment in their lives. This is a chance to make new friends, explore a new city or town, and experiment with their identity. Surrounded by new people, they are able to express themselves as they are now, no longer restrained by how they were perceived at their home town high school.

I shop, therefore I am

Defining a new identity tends to require shopping! Before starting or returning to college, students buy new clothes and homewares that reflect how they want to be perceived by their peers. This is a great opportunity for brands to reach new consumers and broaden their customer-base.

First time buyer

For the typical student, starting college means moving away from home and making purchases in new categories for the first time. They need to buy food, toiletries, cleaning supplies and other things previously paid for by their parents, so this is the moment to engage this consumer group and win their brand loyalty. Offering student discounts and freebies is a great way to attract confused young shoppers who aren’t sure where to start.

Living for the moment

Starting college is a special time in a person’s life, so new students want to make the most of every moment of their first few weeks and months on campus. This means getting involved in every aspect of student life, from academic activities to socialising and dating. As a brand, if you can support students through this time and be part of the experience, they’ll always remember you fondly and associate you with that exciting time.

With Back to School less than two months away, now’s the time to get your plans in motion. Click here to find out how Student Beans can support your college marketing strategy and ensure you maximise your student reach and revenue this Back to School season.