What to expect from Voxburner's Youth Trends Report US 2019

This year, for the very first time, we’re releasing an exclusive US edition of our Youth Trends Report. The report will reveal the results of our brand new research into the Gen Z demographic. This summer, we surveyed 3000 16-24s from around the US, to get their views on the year’s emerging trends across lifestyle, content, and innovation.

Here’s a taste of what to expect...


This year’s lifestyle trends showcase the ways that the youth experience today is distinctly different from past generations and dismantle some pervasive stereotypes about Gen Z. Are they really a generation of smartphone-addicted vegans? Our survey results and expert insights uncover the truth.


Our content trends evaluate how 16-24s are reacting to a digital landscape with unlimited choice, and an endless feed of influencers living their best lives. We argue that internet access has made digital natives more open-minded to different cultures, but also acutely aware of their social status and personal brand.


Today’s 16-24s are conflicted: should they be excited or wary of the new technologies that are fighting for their attention? We find out whether innovations such as visual and voice search are becoming part of everyday life, or are simply passing fads, and whether personalized marketing is considered cool or creepy.

And more

This year’s report features a spotlight on student shopping trends, and a look at the future of youth culture as Gen Alpha comes of age. Plus, you’ll discover the results of our latest Youth 100 survey, revealing the brands 16-24s are most passionate about across fashion, tech, food and more.

Attendees of YMS19 NYC this September and YMS19 SFO in October will be first to read our findings, receiving a complimentary physical and digital copy of the report. Have you got your tickets yet?