10 youth brands that are killing it on social media

For today’s 16-24s, social media is their first point of call for communication, entertainment, shopping, and so much more. It’s a one-stop shop for everything they love to do online, so it’s crucial for any brand that wants to engage this audience to have a strong presence. If you’re putting together your social media strategy, or feel like your brand needs a digital overhaul, we’ve compiled all the inspiration you could need.

Crust Bros

Award-winning London restaurant Crust Bros provides a great example of how independent businesses can use social to turn customers into loyal fans. They offer a weekly £5 pizza special which is only available if you like the relevant post and follow them on Instagram. Additionally, if you post a pic of yourself at the restaurant you may find your photo on their wall of fame.


Whenever we talk about community-building on Instagram, we can’t help but reference Glossier. Founded by the blogger behind Into The Gloss, the brand already had an audience to tap into, and haven’t stopped growing since. The smart female-led team built their brand on the values of their community, and showed that they put their customers first by featuring them across their Instagram and website.


If you’re naming brands that are brilliant on Twitter, you can’t forget the drinks brand that was made for social media. Innocent already had a distinctive, sweetly cheeky tone of voice across their packaging and advertising, which they carried over onto Twitter when it took off in the 2000s. Their focus is sharing funny content and starting silly discussions, putting brand positioning ahead of direct advertising.


Once described as “the web’s most social pair of shorts,” Chubbies is a US DTC brand that used viral marketing to become a Millennial fave. Tired of paying for visibility, they switched up their strategy by offering freebies in return for Facebook likes and subscribes. Today, their profiles today reflect a fun and distinctive brand persona through memes and user generated content.

Love Island

How does a traditional TV network engage an audience that doesn’t watch TV? Along with video on demand and live streaming, social was pivotal to turning digital natives into Love Island fanatics. Their Instagram account is a must-follow for fans, with exclusive content including daily show previews and ‘get the look’ posts. Once you’ve built a fandom like theirs, all you have to do is feed it.

Dollar Shave Club

Another DTC brand winning the social game is Dollar Shave Club. Rather than focusing primarily on product promo, they provide content that is relevant and interesting to their target market, Millennial men. Their series of posts answering the questions their audience may be afraid to ask is a great conversation starter, and their illustrations make their posts stand out in your feed.

Savage x Fenty

Rihanna’s lingerie brand Savage x Fenty was launched with a clear mission statement, to offer products that make women of all shapes and sizes feel great, and that inclusivity and celebration of diversity has remained at the heart of their marketing. Their Instagram feed features series of highly stylised, glamorous and aspirational images of diverse models - plus plenty of shots of their celebrity founder.


Every streetwear brand should be looking to the subculture’s digital leader for inspiration. Hypebeast and its female-oriented sister brand Hypebae make great use of Instagram Stories, which - let’s face it - is what we’re looking at first when we open the app these days. They feed the obsessives with breaking news, especially around new product drops, and exclusive access to shows and other events.

Burger King

Fast food brands have gained a reputation for their hilarious Twitter feeds, and Burger King is one of the best. Their renegade tone sometimes comes close to crossing the line, and we can only imagine the concerned looks on the bosses’ faces. However, by giving their social team freedom to have fun, they’ve earned the respect of Gen Z, who can see right through a fake or forced brand personality.

Bayern Munich

Feel like it’s time to try out Gen Z’s new fave app, TikTok? Not many brands have got the hang of it yet, but Bayern Munich have seen positive results since they launched their TikTok account in April. The football club have truly gotten into the spirit of the platform with lighthearted content created by the team themselves, that shows they aren’t afraid to have fun and look silly.

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