Trend Alert: The mullet returns

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The moment we feared has come: the mullet is back in fashion. A new TikTok trend has got teen boys revealing their new haircut via the video app, to the sound of the Billy Ray Cyrus song “I Want My Mullet Back.”

For these TikTok teens, sporting a mullet is all about getting a laugh, and can be linked to the cringe content trend we covered back in April. However, they’re not the only ones trying out the 80s-inspired look. The mullet has also made a comeback in the fashion world, and celebrities such as Rita Ora and Zendaya have even gotten involved.

The mullet is surely the most mocked hairstyle in pop culture history, so what is inspiring its revival? There’s a parallel to the ugly fashion trend that emerged last year, with brands such as Crocs - also a common subject of mockery - making a comeback. Looking perfect is now so common on social media that doing something different and subverting fashion and beauty ideals is the best way to stand out.

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