The State of Student Marketing 2019

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey of brand marketers targeting the UK youth market to uncover the most effective student marketing strategies in use today, in partnership with our colleagues at Student Beans. The project revealed some striking results. We were shocked by how few brands actually have a student strategy at all, considering the value and influence of the demographic, and the number of brands who had failed to factor the most successful form of student marketing into their strategy.

The results of our research were first published as part of our 2019 Youth Trends Report, which was exclusively launched at YMS LDN and is now available to purchase in full here. However, as we approach Freshers season, the most important time of year in the student marketing calendar, we’re offering you complimentary access to our State of Student Marketing mini-report, to prepare you to capitalise on this crucial moment in a student’s university experience.