Trend Alert: #globalwarning

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Young TikTok users are using the platform to raise awareness of an issue they are very passionate about: the global warming crisis. They are sharing videos with the hashtag #globalwarning to demonstrate how the planet will look in years to come if we don’t take drastic action.

The challenge brings together many of the trends that have been a running theme throughout 2019, from the incredible rise of TikTok to the young people driving the Climate Emergency movement. It’s a great example of how important messages can spread organically through Gen Z communities if they are presented in an engaging style and via relevant channels.

The #globalwarning videos are entertaining yet thought-provoking, and give TikTok users a way to not only support a cause they believe in, but to assert their identity as someone who is aware of world issues and cares about doing the right thing. Being an activist is cool to this new generation of young people, and for some, it’s even a status symbol.

The videos have also created conversations, with some commenters disputing claims of global warming or suggesting it’s not important for their generation to worry about. This is a reminder that Gen Z is not a monolith, and to say they are more activist or more progressive is a generalisation that isn’t true of every young person. It also demonstrates that platforms such as TikTok, and other social networks loved by Gen Z, are not purely fun and games. They can be a powerful method for sharing important messages and engaging young people in crucial issues like climate change.

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