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While our focus here at Voxburner is on the 16-24 demographic, it’s always interesting to look at the trends impacting the lives of the next generation, and to consider what this means for the future of youth marketing. One trend we’re fascinated by is the rise of the online kidfluencer, with one big name/small person leaving his competitors in the dust.

According to a recent survey, Ryan Kaji, better known as Ryan Toysreview, is almost twice as popular with kids aged 6-8 in the UK than Disney. He has over 30 million YouTube subscribers and his 2018 earnings were estimated at $22.5 million. Ryan is still only eight years old, but he is the face of a growing number of products and brands, ranging from books and video games to pyjamas and collectible toys.

Ryan is one of many “kidfluencers” who star in YouTube videos giving their opinions on the latest toys and kids’ brands. Just like Gen Z feel more connected to influencers they relate to, the same goes for Gen Alpha (the generation born after 2010). They love watching the energetic, exciting videos of children such as Ryan unboxing new products and giving their immediate, unfiltered reaction. It turns out that kids like watching other children open presents almost as much as they like doing it themselves, and of course, these videos are highly effective marketing for the products featured. As such, Ryan has partnered with brands including Amazon and Walmart.

Ryan ToysReview has been in the news this week facing criticism for targeting advertising at children - a rule that Google was recently fined $170 million for breaching. It’s natural that, as kids spend more and more time online, they would become a target for online advertising. The space has been a bit of a ‘wild west’ so far, but as child protection organisations recognise the internet’s influence on children’s lives, they are pressuring digital media corporations to adhere to the same ethical regulations as traditional media such as TV and print. However, with an endless supply of independent creators such as kidfluencers, regulations are increasingly difficult to enforce.

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