How do you effectively market to students? BAM reveals all

The YMS18 London is fast approaching and with only a matter of weeks before the big event we wanted to give you sneaky peek into what BAM Student Marketing have in store as Agency partner this year.


The student market is an ever evolving, lucrative market and is a key demographic for any brand. They are after all consumers of the future. Many brands are effectively communicating with students, understanding how to engage and create relationships in a way that meets the needs and desires of students. The student market can be a daunting place for brands new to the market and also a quandary for experienced brands who may be stuck in a marketing rut.

Managing Director, Tim Bodenham, intends to lift the lid on effective student marketing during his presentation: “It's always disappointing to witness brands not effectively marketing to students, not understanding that they need to rethink how they communicate with students, youth adults in an educational environment, especially after investing time and money, which won’t gain any significant return. Interacting with students at university with the same communications plan, the same language and the same offering as you would in a national marketing campaign, just doesn't cut the mustard, it's not enough.”

“I want to help brands become more effective when marketing to students, through sharing thought provoking concepts, ideas and challenge the way brands advertise to students. Thinking you know everything about students and assuming you know what they want is the biggest mistake you can make. It is essential that brands stay in tune with their student audience, after all we know they have the power to make or break a brand.”


With trends, behaviours and what is important to students changing all the time, here at BAM we understand how important it is to stay connected with the market. Which is why we conduct in depth market research through student surveys on a regularly basis, consistently improving and updating our knowledge ensuring we are best placed to advise our clients. Tim will be sharing methods, insights and key findings from our very latest research to help brands make the most of this vibrant and rewarding market segment. Make sure you have your scribing devices at the ready, you won't want to miss a moment.


Tim will be presenting his Lifting the lid on Effective Student Marketing session live on the main stage at the YMS18 on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 2:10 PM.