A day without technology

At YMS17 in London, Vox Pops International presented a short film, following the story of Daisy, a 23 year old and how she coped for 24 hours without her mobile phone. Here they share some behind the scenes insights into the making of the documentary.

The film follows Daisy, a typical tech reliant 23 year old, and viewers share in a day of her life as she tries to complete a series of tasks without the use of her mobile phone, tablet or any other modern technology.

Aside from being entertaining, it also demonstrates quite how reliant we have become on mobile phones to undertake daily tasks in a much quicker, simpler way.

Daisy, in our video, shows us how she copes by doing things the way they were done in 1997 – without the use of a mobile device making things happen with one simple click. Using video to illustrate the shift in behaviour is not only far more engaging and entertaining than looking at PowerPoint or a series of statistics, but the power of the human voice and face really helps us emotionally connect with Daisy, share in her despair, laugh at her misfortune, and really understand.

We invite you to watch the 10 minute film and see how you think you would cope...

Watch Daisy’s story here.

Why did we make it?

We have spent a lot of time looking at Millennials over the past year, with one core characteristic of this group we found to be the over-reliance on mobile devices.  We wanted to use a creative film to illustrate this and chose a research methodology that captured Daisy’s personality, conveyed her despairs and her triumphs, allowed viewers to develop an emotional connection with her, that amplified the original observation and importantly - entertained.  So we chose an ethnographic film – following a day in her life as she tried to complete a set of tasks without the aid of her mobile phone.

What it demonstrates?

When we have ethnographic video footage the editing is what makes the difference between a successful film and one that is simply ‘a video diary’.  Clever editing and creative cutaways and multiple camera shots, the inclusion of animation and graphics and a well thought out content framework is what transforms a ‘fact’ into a ‘story’.  If you haven’t used it before, ethnographic filming is an effective way of making a point – doing it in an engaging and impactful way through a human beings own words and experiences.