Audience Engagement for Millennials

Do you remember the last advertising banner you’ve seen? The last click baiting headline or the last auto playing video? If you are like most of the users in web, then probably not! And this is a huge thing for the marketers and brands out there who try to position their messages to relevant users.


From our insights over the past two years at Opinary, we know that people love to share their opinion. Especially the millennials who grew up with digital devices and social media - since they are online almost the whole day. Brands and also media publishers have to take great efforts to be seen in the jungle of campaigns - full of programmatic advertising and cross-device targeting, grabbing for attention.


It's time to change the process of audience engagement

What could be better to engage with the audience then to start a conversation in a native environment?

It is all about the way how users consume content. Nearly 98 percent of online users consume content passively. If you want to be heard and seen in this jungle, you will need to listen to your audience and interact with them. Young people want to be addressed as individuals and not being stalked by irrelevant advertising campaigns that they already learned to ignore. You have to start a real conversation around relevant content to keep them engaged with it and to shift them step by step through your marketing funnel.


4 important rules for engagement

In case you want to build a strong and loyal relationship with your target audience (and you should), we have four rules to keep in mind to create invaluable engagement:

  • Ask Questions: start with the questions your audience is facing. Don’t just give them the answer first. Let them be part of the process.
  • Engage: give users an easy option to interact with your content and become part of a conversation. The easiest would be by only one click!
  • Listen: get insights about your audiences and different targeting segments and learn from it.
  • Convert: since the conversation with the user is already running there is a high probability that he/she will follow you in the sales funnel. Just because they feel heard and appreciated.


If you follow these steps you have a chance to connect deeply with your audience. 

We at Opinary have established a new way for users to share their opinion in online content. Our technology visualizes debates by creating highly engaging content for users that helps 69 million monthly users to share their view with a tap and understand opinion trends at a glance.

Publishing partners – including global leaders like The Times, HuffPost, NBC etc., use Opinary to engage and monetize their audiences, while global brands like Toyota or Mastercard boost attention, create conversions and generate insights.

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Max Meran, Co-Founder of Opinary

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