Beyond Magazines: Fashion Influencers for Your Next Campaign

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At Julius’s first Influence Live event, a panel featuring industry professionals and influencers, Founder of Deep Focus Ian Shafer noted that fashion influencers make a huge impact: “Influencers in fashion are no longer the writers in Vogue.” At one time, magazines were the leading source for fashion news and trends. With the rise of the internet, social media, and influencer marketing, countless new fashion outlets have emerged in the form of influencers and now dominate the industry.

Fashionistas aren’t just looking at magazines and runways for their style inspiration; they are turning to fashion gurus on social media. They are looking for their “Outfit of the Day”, fashion hauls, and tips on how to create the ultimate street style with high end or more affordable brands. Julius can help brands find the perfect fashion influencers to fit their campaign. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the top Fashion influencers based on overall reach:

Bethany Mota

Total Reach: 25M
Platform with the Highest Reach: YouTube
Average Engagement on YouTube: 2.7M
Fun Fact: She’s a triple threat in the influencer world. Bethany also sings and dances.


Total Reach: 18M
Platform with the Highest Reach: YouTube
Average Engagement on YouTube: 494.8K
Fun Fact: Her fashion sense doesn’t end at clothes. She also has a nail polish line.

My Life As Eva

Total Reach: 18M
Platform with the Highest Reach: YouTube
Average Engagement on YouTube: 2.3M
Fun Fact: Her channel also features DIY videos for house makeovers, phone cases, and school supplies.

While these may be the top of the list when it comes to online fashion influencers, it’s not exactly necessary to tap them for your campaign. You can have the similar success by enlisting micro-influencers. There are a plethora of beauty and fashion influencers online with less overall reach but highly engaged niche audiences:


Jim Chapman

Total Reach: 9M
Platform with the Highest Reach: YouTube
Average Engagement on YouTube: 145.8K
Fun Fact: He’s married to beauty and fashion influencer Tanya Burr.

Amanda Steele

Total Reach: 7M
Platform with the Highest Reach: YouTube
Average Engagement on Instagram: 291.6K
Fun Fact: She also acts and recently joined the cast of Hulu’s “Freakish.”

Something Navy

Total Reach: 1M
Platforms with the Highest Reach: Instagram
Average Engagement on Instagram: 21.1K
Fun Fact: She’s been featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and BRIDES.

Brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, and Nordstrom partnered with the above influencers and have experienced the pull they have in the fashion industry. Influencer marketing is all about authenticity and trust. Fans of these influencers are loyal to them and trust their content. Having one of them advocate for your brand can skyrocket your exposure to new customers.

It doesn’t necessarily take the top influencer promoting your product for it to be successful. There are influencers with less than 1 million followers, across all their social platforms, that have very loyal fan bases. With over 11K+ fashion influencers in the Julius platform across 130+ countries and 6 platforms, we help you find the perfect fit for your brand. You can filter through reach and engagement, brand history, demographic and geographical data and more to see if they fit the style and message you’re looking to create. Our goal is to provide one complete workflow for end to end campaign management; from search, connecting, activating and reporting. Julius is your one-stop shop for influencer marketing. Take it for a spin today!