Mastering the art of Snapchat

Last month, myself and Think Jam’s team of content experts hosted a Snapchat Masterclass at Youth Marketing Strategy 2017, to a room full of marketers who were keen to understand the value of this rapidly growing, diverse platform.

The aim of our session was to demystify and contextualise Snapchat’s role in a brand’s social media strategy.

Here are five takeaways from our masterclass session…

1) You can use your brand voice to speak directly to your audience on a personal level

The temporary nature of Snapchat's content gives you the opportunity to capture and create real, authentic and unpolished moments that those watching can relate to. On Snapchat, we’re all on the same level, and it's two-way marketing rather than one.

2) It's ageing UP

Yes - Snapchat is a brilliant platform for youth marketing, but with 10+ million daily active UK users, 34% of these are over 25 and more than 40% of new users over the age of 18 are parents. 

3) The audience are hugely engaged

Users will spend 25-30 minutes each day in the app. Considering that Snapchat ads are a natural extension of the consumer experience, the content feels native leading to audience attention being held for a considerable amount of time.  

User-generated content continues to be a massive trend for 2017 and beyond and Snapchat enables the user to be directly involved with brands they love, on an immersive level. The rise of influencers and Snapchat creators underlines this desire for creative expression.

4) It's not just Snapchat advertising, it's mobile advertising

Snapchat is the only social network that is mobile-only and so has become as vital as an avid uses right hand. Not only that, but it's all about full-screen vertical video. Creating assets in these ratios is the choice to make to future proof your content.

5) There's so much fun, creativity and brand firsts to be had! 

Once you've found a way to tell a story that aligns with your brand voice, the opportunities are endless. From Snapchat spectacles to augmented reality lenses, it's the platform of the future. Whether you're running an organic account or paid activity, Snapchat has no end of features and formats to play with that help you to stand out and enhance your social presence.

Teague Emery, Director of Social Media, Think Jam