How do brands reach millennials without breaking the bank?

All Response Media’s Maria Yiangou will be taking part in our #YMS17 panel discussion all about big vs little marketing,  exploring what global brands can learn from nimble start-ups and vice versa. Here she shares her secrets into how brands can reach millennials without breaking the bank.

Advertisers find it hard to reach millennials, not only because they are notoriously a hard audience to reach on traditional media but because development and advancement in technology has meant that millennials consume media differently to earlier generations.

A lot of brands do take the approach of spending quite heavily across all media types to try and hit this audience, but an advertiser doesn’t have to spend a limitless budget on advertising; by approaching media planning in a succinct and targeted way, an advertiser can have the same impact on a millennial with a lot less budget than first thought.

At All Response Media, we pride ourselves in growing businesses through acquisition and through rigorous test and learn planning where clients can spend smaller amounts than anticipated to test TV and digital media. There are three fundamental way in which an advertiser should approach planning in this way;

Firstly, it is imperative that an advertiser’s approach to media is a coherent cross-media one. Use similar messaging on TV, digital and any other media you are running to ensure that the call to action and branding follows through. For example, for one of our clients, Proactiv, we recently promoted a new celebrity ambassador, Jorgie Porter and we ensured that although in different formats and executions, Jorgie’s message was prominent across TV, digital and social media. This has made the content that we have been sharing a lot more impactful and have found that the video content has had incredibly high response rates when aligned with TV.

Secondly, targeted and relevant partnerships ensures minimal wastage as well as strong brand association where an affinity for an audience may already exist. This applies to any media but in particular, we have seen a lot of success with giffgaff who have partnered with E4 Entertainment for the last two years and have seen incredible growth through this audience. Online, giffgaff have partnered in the past with sites such as YouTube and overlaid targeting that was relevant to them and saw impressive click through rates indicating that this audience was apt for what giffgaff were trying to achieve.

Finally, and the smartest way to minimise wastage and use budget efficiently is to use your own data to dictate what audience you are trying to reach. An advertiser can use their own customer database to plug into social media to then create lookalikes to reach a wider but similar audience. These kind of campaigns are some of the most successful we have run within social media, especially for the new university social platform Campus Society that launched only two months ago.

In conclusion, by planning in a smart and efficient way and utilising first party data, an advertiser doesn’t need to break the bank to target millennials in a “big” way. By partnering with the right platforms and pushing out the right formats, a modest budget can go a long way.

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