The only way to get your message across to teens and Millennials in 2017

Adestra will be exhibiting at YMS17.  Anca Staples shares their insights into getting your message across to teens and Millennials in 2017.

Teens and young adults, Generation Z and Generation Y, iGeneration and Millennials, however you chose to call them, these two age groups are generally seen as the most fickle but also highly sought after by marketers. Don't let that discourage you from targeting them though! If you play your cards right, you can successfully appeal to them and millennials are considered more loyal than previous generations. 

One interesting thing that might surprise you is that teens and Millennials have indicated email as their preferred channel of receiving communications from brands (2016 Consumer Adoption & Usage Study). They might chat with friends on social media, but email is the way to get your message across as a brand. However, just sending an email is not enough when targeting these age groups. 

How do you make your messages stick?

These generations grew up with marketing and technology, they focus on individuality as they seek to express themselves and expect relevance from brands. For those reasons, they want to see real value when handing over data (such as their name and email address) and in all communications afterwards.

They expect marketers to use personalisation, segmentation and tailored communications on a daily basis in the messages they create. And if their expectations are not met (or worse, they have a bad experience), they leverage technology and social media to openly criticise brands. To get your message across in 2017, you need to become a first-person marketer.

What is first-person marketing?

First person marketing is more than just personalisation and relevance - it needs integrated, automated systems to deliver hyper-personalised experiences. To achieve this, marketers need to move beyond the big data era, bring all their data together, automate and optimise constantly.

What are your next steps?

When it comes to getting your message across to teens and Millennials in 2017, let email marketing help you make them feel valued as customers and subscribers. Put these items on your New Year to do list:

  1. Analyse last year's results to identify the best performing strategy and tactics - any small success could turn into a big win with a bit of nurturing
  2. Make incremental changes - don't expect major successes or changes overnight. You have the same resources, company structures and systems to deal with, but many minor improvements will have a big impact by the end of the year
  3. Embrace uncertainty and testing - not all your hypotheses and ideas will be successful, but by trying something new and failing you can learn, iterate and find your way to positive changes
  4. Take a step back - you've been hearing a lot about customer journeys and multi-channel marketing. This year will be the year you take control of the big picture and start cross-using data to improve all channels. It might seem daunting, but refer to point 2. 
  5. Don't take the bull by the horns on your own - first-person marketing is a step-change in approaching marketing so make sure of all available help from your technology providers, training sessions, industry experts and more. Technology should help you find clarity in complexity, not hinder your success.

Make the start of 2017 the start of a new approach to marketing and by focusing on optimisation, you’ll be sure to reap the rewards this time next year.