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Welcome to our Voxburner’s Inspiring Young People series, a blog series in which we share the stories of five of the most inspiring young people in the UK right now. Whether it’s someone who’s going good in the world, an up-and-coming entrepreneur or just someone who deserves to be shouted about, we’ll be celebrating the young people who are driving this generation. Our first inspiring young person is Donna Price.

Who is Donna? 

Donna is a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, a non-profit whose mission is to support young people and develop their skills and confidence. As a graduate of a The Trust programme, Donna’s role is to bring other young people closer to The Trust by sharing her inspiring story. 

A few years ago, Donna was facing a particularly hard time in her life, and sought help from The Prince’s Trust; thanks to their guidance, Donna started her business, Pod Coffee, five years ago.

What does Donna do? 

Donna is a true reflection of Gen Z’s entrepreneurial spirit and embodies their core values – individuality, determination and the belief that everyone should have equal access to opportunities. Her work with The Trust was a part of their Women Supporting Women initiative, and aimed to inspire and empower young women who are facing challenging circumstances by ‘sharing knowledge, advice and support, helping them to move forward with renewed confidence into a job, training, education or start a business.’ Donna shares her story via other initiatives, talks and campaigns as a way of inspiring other young people and showing them how The Trust can help. 

Famous faces from the campaign included actor Helen Mirren, model Iskra Lawrence and Spice Girl Geri Horner (the Queen of Girl Power, below with Donna). 

Why does Donna inspire us? 

Donna’s close worth with The Trust has allowed her to develop the skills to not only run her own business (with another one on the horizon!), but has also led to her being an inspiration for thousands of young people, particularly girls, across the country. Donna is a real-life example of how resilience can lead to great things, and embodies all things Gen Z.

A word from Donna…

“The work that I do as a Young Ambassador to The Prince’s Trust is very important because it shows people what can actually be achieved. Young people learn in so many different ways and sometimes nothing beats a physical example of how someone turned their life around rather than just talking about it. I have had an amazing journey with The Prince’s Trust and if it inspires and gives one young person that push to show them that they can also do it… well, that’s an amazing feeling, as it could change their life.

It’s important for society/brands to give a platform to young people as they essentially are the future. They are creating the future. Young people and brand partnerships often work amazingly as seeing and hearing someone’s inspirational story makes it so much more relatable.”

Huge thanks to Donna for sharing her story. Keep your eyes peeled for our next inspirational young person.

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