The Future of Work | What Does Gen Z Want From Employers?

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Young people today are determined, passionate and unafraid to be themselves, and now they’re starting to take those strong values and idealistic expectations into the workplace. But how can you and your brand be ready for this new and exciting workforce?

Whether you acknowledge and learn from Gen Z’s entrepreneurial natures or ask what their dream roles are, businesses need to adapt in order to recruit the most promising talent coming out of schools, colleges and universities.

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Our The Future of Work report on Voxburner+ shares how the workforce will change now Gen Z is entering the scene, discusses the trends that recruiters and HR managers need to be aware of and asks how you can be the employer that this generation wants and needs. But, before the full report, here are some key takeaways…

10 insights on the future of work for Gen Z

📎 35% of UK 16-24s have started a business or side hustle 

💡 Aside from salary, the next most important thing to Gen Z is having a job that they enjoy 

📎 48% of Gen Z favour a hybrid working model, with a mix of home and office working

💡 The perks that interest young people the most are flexible working hours and generous annual leave – take a look at Student Beans as an example, who offer Flexi-Fridays and unlimited annual leave

📎 36% of Gen Z say posts about entrepreneurship inspire them to work hard

💡 Social media isn’t just a tool for entertainment or finding work – many young people use it as a space to develop their personal brand

📎 75% of 16-24s have used social media as part of their job search 

💡 What does Gen Z like about working from home? They’re saving money, feel more relaxed, save time on the commute and are more physically comfortable

📎 77% of 16-24s like the idea of a TikTok resume 

💡 Growing up online, this generation has learned from the mistakes of their elders and are savvy with their socials in order to avoid potential and current employers seeing too much into their personal lives

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