7 Rising Influencers Every Youth Marketer Should Know About

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Panels and keynotes on the subject of influencer marketing are always a big hit at our youth marketing festival, YMS, as there’s always more to learn about the best ways to work with influencers and how to spot the next big star on social media. We’ve picked out some of the most exciting new names that every youth marketer should be aware of in 2018.

Emma Gonzalez

2018 is the year of the Gen Z activist, and the greatest example is Parkland student Emma Gonzalez, who became world famous when she made an emotional speech at a gun violence rally. As co-founder of the Never Again MSD movement, she is inspiring teens and and influencing the future of American politics.

Tristan Tales

Tristan Tales is a former member of Jake Paul’s crew Team 10, who’s now branching out with his own fast-growing YouTube channel. He appears regularly in videos from Awesomeness TV, who will be taking part in our YMS SFO panel, Creating Truthful and Innovative Digital Content.

Annie LeBlanc

One half of fictional power couple Hannie, 13-year-old Annie LeBlanc has truly grown up on YouTube. She first became known on the Bratayley channel with her siblings, and went on to become an actress in the series Chicken Girls. She is also a singer, and releases music videos on her personal channel.

Mehak Vohra

Mehak Vohra is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who is taking the future of her city into her own hands. After founding media company Jamocha Media, she is running for Mayor of San Francisco in 2019. We’re very excited to say that Mehak will be taking part in our Kids That Are Changing The World panel at YMS SFO.


Brian Le, known as RiceGum, is one of a growing number of hip-hop stars who started out as a YouTuber, making comedy videos to build an audience. The 21-year-old is one of only a few YouTubers who have experienced mainstream success by achieving a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US.

Sophia Latessa

Joining Mehak on our YMS SFO panel Kids That Are Changing The World will be Sophia Latessa, the 17-year-old who launched mobile app MemeStream while still in high school. Click here to read our interview with Sophia, where she shares her advice on how brands how use memes effectively in their marketing.

Tessa Brooks

Another Awesomeness TV regular, 19-year-old Tessa Brooks is a dancer, actress, singer and model with over 5 million Instagram followers. She has worked with brands including Coca Cola and Skechers. Coca Cola’s Global Brand Director Cloé Von Krause will be speaking on our YMS NYC panel, How Traditional Brands are Reinventing for Gen Z.

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