Gen Z Or Gen Green | Do Young People Really Care About Sustainability?

Izzy Hall

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Much like the rest of us, Gen Zers are concerned about the effects of climate change and worried about what the next few years will bring. And, so it seems, they’re leading the way in demanding change, whether that be through protesting or shopping secondhand. But is this generation really as sustainable as we think they are? 

Ultimately, many young people want to make sustainable choices, but right now, they simply can’t. And it’s our job as young marketers to ask ourselves what we’re really doing to right the climate crisis, not only to gain that all-important consumer trust but, ultimately, in order to demand actionable and realistic change. 

young person at protest holding a sign saying 'planet over profit'

Our Gen Z or Generation Green? report on Voxburner+ shares how we can support young and empower young people and looks at how you and your brand can make a difference in the world, whatever sector you’re in. But, before the full report, here are some key takeaways… 

10 insights on Gen Z and sustainability 

♻️ 77% of 16-24s would be more inclined to by from a brand if they make sustainable choices

🌎 Not as many Gen Zers follow a vegan lifestyle as you would think, although many are making an effort to eat more ethically. 

♻️ 41% of Gen Z are very worried about climate change

🌎 Whilst many Gen Zers want to make sustainable choices, this isn’t always possible. It’s up to you as a brand to campaign for change and make responsible decisions.  

♻️ 39% of Gen Z think brands should work with planet-friendly influencers 

🌎 Young people need your support more than ever before. Now is the time for you and your brand to step in and empower this generation to do the right thing. 

♻️ 60% of respondents said that cheap prices are the most important thing to them, compared to 40% who said planetary impact.

🌎 Whether it’s via in-house fundraising initiatives or simply donating a portion of your profits, donating to relevant charities is an efficient way of making a difference and showing that your brand really cares. 

♻️ In total, 74% of Gen Zers shop fast fashion

🌎 Thanks to social media trends such as #eatinglikeaceleb and #celebdiet, content creators are educating young people on the eating habits of their favourite celebs and inspiring them to adopt similar practices, such as veganism. 

Download your free Gen Z or Generation Green? report teaser now. 

group of young people protesting with signs

The full report can be accessed on Voxburner+. Not a Voxburner+ subscriber? Join our leading youth marketing community and all of our reports now. 


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