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Welcome to Campaign of the Week, where we explore some of the freshest and most exciting campaigns from the brands that are engaging their Gen Z audience and catching our attention every week. Today we’re looking at the Fenty x Ulta launch.

When it comes to growing any business, we all know the importance of having a strategic marketing plan. Beauty mogul Robin “Rihanna” Fenty grew her personal brand in multiple business ventures that have led to her being the wealthiest female musician in the world with a net worth of $1.7 billion. A critical business that boosted Rihanna’s success is her beauty brand Fenty Beauty, a co-venture between Rihanna and French fashion luxury house LVMH. 

Since its launch in 2017, Fenty Beauty has hit over $550 million in revenue, and this number continues to climb. Rihanna’s branding for Fenty Beauty centers on genuine inclusivity, offering one of the most extensive shade ranges of any brand. By making her buyers feel seen with such a large selection while still bringing immense quality, Rihanna established herself as a game-changer in the beauty world. 

In February 2022, Fenty Beauty announced that as of March 6th, it would be available at 1,300 Ulta Beauty locations across the US. The little details have a significant impact on the official launch campaign. Here are three things Fenty Beauty did at their launch campaign to ensure they captured Gen-Z’s attention.

Back to the ‘90s

First, Rihanna is the face of the company; her outfits and make-up are crucial to expressing the brand. Rihanna wore a Y2K (the Year 2000) inspired outfit completed with a high pony for the launch campaign. Y2K is a trending fashion look for Gen Z, who grew up in the era and have found new ways to bring it back through fashion and beauty expression. This is a reminder that style takes on a unique role in marketing, and that should not be overlooked.

Influencer guestlist 

Second, Gen Z and the internet are basically one, and having a social presence is essential, but it goes beyond that. It’s also about how you interact with your audience. Those who could not attend the event could still feel like they were there thanks to the Fenty Beauty live updates across all their platforms. Since the brand is founded on ‘beauty for all’, it was vital to reflect that in the guestlist, especially via influencers who represent the target audience at the event. For example, beauty Influencer Mikayla Jane has nearly 2 million IG followers and had the honor to interview the bad gal herself, asking questions that the world wanted to know!

Audience interaction 

Thirdly, Gen Z loves all things interactive!  Fenty X Ulta showcased plenty of interactive marketing – some so memorable I even took notes! To make the campaign interactive, guests were able to try a series of new (as well as some classic) make-up products done by professional make-up artists, alongside different game stations, such as Tic Tac Toe, with each having a Fenty twist and offering a range of Fenty Beauty products as prizes! But the real show stopper was the classic vintage ruby red car with Fenty X Ulta written on it with a trunk filled with Fenty Beauty goodie bags. Adding new definition to securing the bag, this was a popular spot for Instagram photos for the night. 

So what are the takeaways from the Fenty X Ulta launch campaign? One: fashion is marketing, so don’t underestimate its power in your campaign. Two: make those who can’t attend live have a valuable experience through your social presence. And three: don’t be boring – get creative and find ways to get your guests engaged with the brand beyond your standard campaign ideas (you may not have their budget, but trust me, you’ll figure it out).

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[Cover photo credits 📸: @badgalriri on Instagram]


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