Supercharge Your Social Strategy For Gen Z | TikTok, Instagram, Twitter & Email

Izzy Hall

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Social media marketing: the key to every Gen Zer’s heart and an absolute necessity for youth marketers. A huge 92% of 16-24s use Instagram and 77% use TikTok, and with platforms gaining more Twitter, Instagrammers, TikTokers and content creators every single day, now’s the time to up your game.

At Voxburner, we want to help brands engage and connect with young people, and our new guide, Gen Z & Social Media, will help to drive your social strategies forward as we head into 2023.

A Guide to Gen Z & Social Media discusses four key channels – TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and email – and looks at why they’re important, how you can improve your strategies and who’s leading the way. But before you read the full guide, here’s a snapshot below…

7 ways you can supercharge your brand’s social media strategy

⚡️ 55% of young people would consider buying something from TikTok after seeing it on the app

🤜 Partnering up with young creators can help you to broaden your audience, grow your following, drive sales and boost engagement 

⚡️ 71% of US TikTok users want to see brands showcasing their new products on the app

🤜 Instagram’s IGTV is best suited to new product launches, company news and tutorials – use it for longer form content, a bit like YouTube

⚡️ 64% of UK 16-24s use Twitter

🤜 Tone of voice in emails (and across all social channels) really matters – try not to assume the role of an ‘adult’ when writing or talking to Gen Z 

⚡️ Don’t neglect UGC and consider incorporating it into your emails – if a Gen Zer opens your email to see one of their peers partaking in a trend or showing off your product, they’re much more likely to engage with/relate to your brand

A Guide to Gen Z & Social Media’ is available to download now. Get your free copy now.


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