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From books and beauty to food and fashion, TikTok has had an immense impact on many industries, with viral videos inspiring new trends and turning little-known brands into household names. The latest industry to get the TikTok treatment is one that may not typically be associated with Gen Z – weddings. With an incredible 2.6 billion views, #WeddingTok is a fast-growing hashtag and community on the social video platform. As the oldest members of Gen Z reach their mid-20s, wedding-related products are becoming increasingly relevant, and not just as a distant dream – our research has found that 66% of UK 16-24s and 69% of US 16-24s expect to be married by age 30, proving their life goals and aspirations are not as unconventional as you might think.

According to a recent piece by AdAge, young brides and grooms are turning to TikTok for wedding inspiration, as opposed to more traditional sources like magazines, blogs and websites. Many of the leading names in the wedding industry have seen great success through building a following on TikTok, including David’s Bridal and Kay Jewelers in the US. For example, a post by David’s Bridal (below) simply showcasing wedding dresses costing under $1000 went viral with over 15.5 million views, an achievement that any brand would be jealous of. Even smaller independent bridal fashion brands have generated millions of views on their content, enabling them to reach customers who wouldn’t have considered purchasing from them otherwise. Meanwhile, specific products or styles are suddenly in demand, for example the black wedding dress, which customers have been asking for thanks to its popularity on TikTok.


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Of course, these days we know there’s an influencer for every niche, so there are many TikTok stars building a following with wedding-related content. This includes young engaged or recently married couples documenting their experience of planning their wedding and taking their followers with them throughout the journey. Wedding planners and bloggers are also growing significant followings on the app with content targeted to those looking for inspiration for their big day.

For young couples looking to celebrate their nuptials in a way that feels modern and relevant to their generation, traditional wedding media can feel outdated, unrelatable and alienating. For brands wanting to engage this demographic, who typically have a budget ready to spend, learning from what works on WeddingTok and getting involved in this community will be key.

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