What’s on Voxburner+: Your Guide to Our Youth Marketing Subscription Service

Voxburner Content Team

This month we announced a groundbreaking new service bringing together Voxburner’s insights, events, and networking all in one great value package, the Voxburner+ subscription service. If you’ve not signed up yet, here’s a guide to what you’re missing out on.


A Voxburner+ subscription unlocks access to the best sessions from our latest YMS event, which are essential viewing for any brand with a US-focused or global marketing strategy. Highlights include:

🇺🇸 Our insightful youth panel give their views on everything from the causes they care most about to this year’s historic US election

🍔 Shake Shack’s Kristyn Clark shares how their partnerships strategy is supporting independent restaurants through the pandemic

👟 Converse’s Simone Deocares-Lengyel discusses how they adapted their marketing messages to resonate with a new generation of young activists

🛍 Vice unveil their research into what makes the biggest and fastest-growing brands, from Nike to Ben & Jerry’s, beloved by young consumers

🙌 Oxfam’s Isra Chaker shares her inspiring personal story to illustrate why brands shouldn’t overlook vulnerable young people


Also included in Voxburner+ are the sessions from our first full-day YMS:ONLINE event earlier this year, where leading brands shared their experiences of marketing to Gen Z in these unprecedented times.

Highlights include:

🤝 A panel of experts from Skinnydip, DICE and Formula 1 reveal the secrets behind forming the perfect brand partnership

📚 Our youth panel discuss the findings from our 2020 Youth Trends Report, covering topics from youth activism to student life during COVID

📺 The UK’s former Minister for Technology discusses why it’s so important to engage young people in the cultural industries and invest in their future

📈 The NHS and Word on the Curb present an insight-packed case study on how to increase blood donation among underrepresented communities

✊🏾 A panel representing activist groups and marketing agencies discuss how brands can support Black Lives Matter in an appropriate and effective way

Voxburner’s Youth 100

In this exclusive session, Voxburner’s General Manager Richard Jackson reviews the results of our 2020 UK Youth 100 poll, revealing the brands 16-24s are most obsessed with this year.

Youth Trends Report

Voxburner+ subscribers gain access to our full back-catalogue of research reports, including 2020’s Youth Trends Report (both the US and UK editions). These reports are an unmissable guide to the emerging trends impacting the lives of young people today, including exclusive insights from our annual Gen Z surveys and interviews with our expert and youth panels.

Our YMS events

Youth Marketing Strategy is the world’s leading B2B youth marketing event. Curated to bring the youth marketing world together, attracting senior-level marketers from the biggest, most disruptive brands on the planet to the most innovative, emerging start-up. Our YMS events happen all across the world including Los Angeles, New York, London and Berlin. Tickets are on-sale now!



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