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As brands targeting Gen Z consumers, it’s important that you’re always on-trend and ahead of the curve. Whether that’s by running an exciting and authentic campaign in partnership with an influencer or pushing boundaries with your innovative and groundbreaking ideas, you need to be doing something different to stand out from the crowd and win the attention and loyalty of this younger generation. 

Voxburner’s year-round dedication to research, youth insights and trends means that we’re always in the know about all things Gen Z, and our YMS events help us to platform the biggest and brightest voices in youth marketing, too. So, keep reading to find out how you can drive your creator strategies and learn from the most innovative brands out there…

Attracting, engaging and hiring diverse talent 

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It’s an emerging trend that we’ve been following over at Team Voxburner:  TikTok is Gen Zs new Google. It’s their go-to search engine and the place to search for answers to their burning questions – so much so that the platform now has more searches globally than Google! And with content creators taking over the world and building unique audiences, attracting diverse Gen Z talent has never been more important. 

But how can you effectively run an influencer campaign to hire talent, and what are the Gen Z talent trends of 2023? What mistakes do brands commonly make when hiring Gen Z talent, and how can your brand source influencers for attraction campaigns? 

Join Milimo Banji, CEO and Founder of Gen Z careers advice service TapIn for this YMS session, Strategies to Attract, Engage and hHire Ethnically Diverse Talent in 2023, to discover how you can supercharge your hiring strategies for the future. 

Did you know: 60% of Gen Z use TikTok at least once a week (Voxburner US survey 2022)

The power of creator marketing

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By now you’ll know how important content creators and influencers are when it comes to connecting with Gen Z, but how do you get it right? Is it choosing the right influencer? Maybe it’s handing over creative control? In this YMS session, The Power of Creator Marketing For Gen Z, our panel of influencer marketing experts (Soundcloud and AURA Personalized Hair Care) will give you the inside info into their creator strategies, share why Instagram and TikTok are so hot right now and discuss what emerging platforms are catching their attention. 

Did you know: Three of Gen Z’s favourite content creators right now are Emma Chamberlain, Bretman Rock and Hailey Bieber (Voxburner US survey 2022)

Personalizing journeys with Gen Z 

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What is zero-party data? It’s on the rise, but so many companies and merchants are still unfamiliar with what it is, how it’s used and what makes it different from first-party data. In this unique session led by Dotdigital, Build Personalized Journeys For Gen Z: Zero Party vs. First Party Data, we’ll discuss the power of customer data and help you understand how to drive effective personalised customer engagement. Key learnings  from this session include: 

  • The differences between data types and their use 
  • How the way you collect data about your customers impacts their perception of your brand 
  • How to power more effective marketing efforts through first and zero-party data 
  • Why trust has become a key consideration in the decision-making process

If you want to get ahead in the world of marketing (of course you do), then this isn’t a session to miss!

Did you know: 52% of Gen Z say it’s very important to them that a brand is authentic (Voxburner US survey 2022)

Building relationships between Gen Z and influencers

Gen Z is taking to TikTok not only for entertainment, but to search for answers to their burning questions (just check out our upcoming Voxburner+ Social Media report for more info on this) and to spend their money. But how can your brand reach these young consumers and engage with them? Join Ubiquitous at this YMS LA session, How To Create The Ultimate TikTok Influencer Campaign For Gen Z, to discover how to partner with TikTok influencers to create powerful campaigns that reach millions of Gen Zers.

Did you know: 74% of Gen Z don’t trust social media influencers to give genuine, honest opinions on brands or products (Voxburner US survey 2021)

Join us at YMS LA this November as we take our leading youth marketing event to the West Coast. Join us for a day of exclusive insights, insightful talks, unique networking opportunities, tasty food and live entertainment. Save your seat now – we don’t want you to miss out!


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