We offer a range of insights products that can be
tailored to your business’ specific needs

Need help digging deeper into Gen Z’s thoughts and behaviours? Voxburner has got you covered.

It is the perfect solution for marketers looking to better understand and connect with Gen Z on a real-life problem or campaign totally bespoke to your business goals.

What research can be conducted?

Whether you’re trying to get insights into who your target customer is, or are looking for ways to shape your next marketing campaign, do some creative testing, or even want to do some digging on your influencers’ effectiveness, we can help!

Campaign Effectiveness:

Want to determine if your marketing collateral or placement is effective?

With Voxburner’s Campaign effectiveness research you can run a campaign effectiveness research test pre, during, or post campaign and find out exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

We measure if there is an increase in awareness, purchase intent, audience reach and what behaviour the campaign drives. Is your audience actually hitting those call to actions? With this method of research you can find out.

It’s time to understand your campaign’s performance, and make adjustments before spending more money on ineffective ads.

Influencer Effectiveness:

Have you ever wondered if your influencer is really worth their salt?

Voxburner’s influencer testing allows brands to measure the effectiveness of multiple or a single influencer, so you can see who drives the highest engagement and call to action.

This method of research also measures people’s perception of both your brand and your influencer in order to get a better idea of what makes them tick—and what makes them click.

If you want to know if you should keep working with a particular influencer and the campaign they are advertising, then let’s run some influencer testing together.

Creative Testing:

Struggling to find creative messaging that drives behaviour?

We know that the hardest part of running a successful ad campaign is making sure it’s going to work. Voxburner’s creative testing has been developed to allow brands to measure the creative messaging of one, or multiple ads during the design phase.

This method measures; whether people like it, their purchase consideration, creative association and what behaviour the creative is likely to drive.

We’ll also help you identify any problems with the messaging before launching so that when you roll out your campaign, it’s going to hit harder than ever before.

Concept Testing:

Want to create a bulletproof idea or positioning?

Voxburner’s concept testing research allows you to test your ideas, statements, positioning or brand messaging before it’s out in the world. We can test multiple concepts to help marketing teams make effective decisions.

We measure; preference, brand/messaging association, likely engagement with the brand, consideration of the brand, and call to action drivers and concepts.

This way, you can get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t before making any big investments into the development of your campaign or creative.

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