Youth Trends Alert – August 2022 Wrap-up

VXB+ Trend Alert Compilation_September-01

Here at Voxburner, we make it our mission to inform our community of the most important trends impacting the lives of 16-24s as soon as they start to take off. In addition to our annual Youth Trends research report, available to all subscribers of Voxburner+, we’re sharing the latest trends we spot throughout the year in our monthly Trend Alert.

This month, you’ll hear about the worrying youth debt crisis that’s leading more young people than ever to seek help, but also the more positive news that graduate salaries are on the rise. We’ll introduce Gen Z’s favourite new social media app BeReal and highlight what’s going on over on TikTok, from the night luxe aesthetic to the Black Menaces shining a light on racism and homophobia on campus.

Plus, hear about the young people calling out trauma dumping on social media, what we can learn from China’s exam season marketing, and the Netflix show that’s inspiring teens to come out to their parents.

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