Game, Set, Match: Engaging The Next Generation of Sports Fans

Game Set Match Report Cover

Sport is an immense part of the entertainment industry – whether it’s fashion, gaming, watching, or playing, it’s inescapable. And with international events such as the Women’s 2022 EUROS and Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the sports industry is permeating Gen Z culture across the world. But there are a number of important issues that exist within this sector that need to be addressed.

It may come as a surprise that Gen Z are less engaged with sports than previous generations, and this in part comes down to a lack of equal and fair representation. In our upcoming Voxburner+ report: Game, Set, Match | Engaging the next generation of sports fans, we take a look at why this is and share how your brand (regardless of sector) can make sport more accessible for young people.

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