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Welcome to this exclusive Voxburner+ Youth Trends Review: The Future of Work Report. In this report you will learn what Gen Z really wants from a potential employer and how their relationship with work differs from previous generations. You’ll hear perspectives from industry experts and young people themselves, and gain actionable insights to share with your team.

This report contains stats from a Voxburner survey of UK 16-24s. Of those surveyed, 76% were currently in employment, and 88% had worked at some point in their lives. This rose to 92% for those aged 18 and over. Of those currently in education, 74% are working alongside their studies. 36% of our respondents were working full time and 32% part time, with the part timers working an average of 18.2 hours per week. The most common industries for 16-24s to be working in are retail, food service, finance, health or social care, and IT.

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