The Future of Youth Marketing: Predicting the Next 10 Years

As the 2010s came to a close, we looked back on how youth marketing had changed during a decade where our focus moved from Millennials to Gen Z. This year, as we celebrate 10 years of our youth marketing festival YMS, we look ahead to how the industry and the generation we market to will transform in the next decade. What will the hottest topics be at YMS30 LDN?

Gen Z grow up

The generation born 1995-2010 will become the world’s most powerful consumer group in the decade ahead, as they graduate university and climb the career ladder. If the trend for having children later in life continues, this group will have more disposable income to spend on travel, fashion, food and other treats throughout their twenties.

The Brexit effect

As our recent research into the impact of Brexit showed, young people are very concerned about life in the UK post-leaving the EU. They expect finance, career opportunities, quality of life and housing to be worse after Brexit, which means they may make more cautious, risk-averse life decisions.

Hello Gen Alpha!

The biggest change to prepare for in the 2020s will be the rise of another new generation of young people. Generation Alpha refers to those born in 2010 or later, which means that the oldest members of this generation will become teenagers, go off to university and join the working world within this decade.

Green is the new black

As discussed in our latest Youth Trends Report, all signs so far say Gen Alpha are even more passionate about saving the planet than Gen Z. Parents report that under-10s are taking the lead on energy saving and recycling in the home. However, being faced with a world under threat could have a troubling impact on their mental health.

A new digital era

Gen Z is the first truly digital native generation, but Gen Alpha are born into a world where tech infiltrates every part of life. They are growing up with iPads, smart speakers and AR games. However, their Millennial parents are conscious of digital addiction and do their best to encourage personal connections and outdoor play.

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