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The news is often dominated by stories where young people play a key role, and naturally we cover these topics at our Youth Marketing Strategy events. Below you’ll get a preview of what some of our former events speakers have had to say on issues ranging from Black Lives Matter and the feminist movement to the TikTok trend.

The rise of TikTok

National Youth Theatre’s Paul Roseby on their partnership with the fast-growing social media platform:

“TikTok is the channel for young people, and it’s brilliant that in 20 seconds, you have to tell a story. When we in theatre tell stories, it takes two hours! The brilliant essence for young people is to be able to focus their minds on a 20-30 second piece of entertainment. We’re basically cracking the code of what theatre is on these digital platforms.”

Engaging the black community

Melissa Thermidor from NHS Blood & Transplant on the issues with the way black communities are discussed:

“It’s always the same narrative around “hard to reach,” “hard to get your voice out there.” It’s not that our voices are hard to hear or that we’re hard to reach – we’ve always been here, we’ve always been speaking, but I think organisations now have a duty to really listen to what’s important to us as a collective, to really engage with us, to make things happen.”

Feminism and marketing

Author Amy Kean shares her advice to brands who want to take a more feminist approach to advertising:

“Women don’t just spend all day crying into the mirror about their confidence. They care about things like the environment, and human rights… If you want to talk to women better, if you want to sell to them, don’t say you’re empowering, don’t overthink it. Look at what they love, not what you love to sell.”

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