Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS)


Youth Marketing Strategy, run by Voxburner is the world’s biggest festival of youth marketing and has been running across Europe and the USA for over 12 years. 

By bringing together the most iconic and disruptive brands, influential thought-leaders from across the industry and unique Gen Z voices, YMS features the most exciting and relevant youth trends, insights, brand case studies and panel discussions on the industry’s hottest topics.

YMS exists to bridge the gap between young people, brands and the real trends impacting the lives of Gen Z today.

It’s your chance to meet the industry experts, the thought leaders, and the disrupters who are shaping the future of youth marketing.

YMS Events Across The Globe

YMS London June 2024

Webinar Series

Can’t wait for a YMS to roll round? Get involved from the comfort of your own home with our webinar series.

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