Campaign of the Week: #Katespadenyonthemove by Kate Spade

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Welcome to Campaign of the Week, where we explore some of the freshest and most exciting campaigns from the brands that are engaging their Gen Z audience and catching our attention every week. Today we’re looking at Kate Spade’s TikTok campaign, #katespadenyonthemove. 

A luxury New-York fashion brand, Kate Spade has been around for nearly 20 years. Selling everything from luxury dresses to handbags, the brand’s consumers aren’t typically the Gen Z’ers that we’re used to talking about here at Voxburner. However, their recent summer/fall TikTok campaign #katespadenyonthemove, which follows the success of their spring/summer #katespadehappydance, is a massive hit with young people and is attracting attention far and wide. 

The video is simple: two people, dressed in co-ordinating outfits, dance around New York sporting Kate Spade bags, to the song ‘Downtown’. In theory, it doesn’t sound like a viral concept, but it’s really struck a chord with Gen Z and is currently on 74M views. Comments like ‘LIKE WHY DO I LOVEEE WATCHING THISS IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS’ and ‘I love this ad so much and it brought me back to my kate spade obsession’ are on the video, but what’s the attraction?! Well, three key aspects of the ad appeal to Gen Z’s love of TikTok – easy and re-creatable dances, catchy audios and the stylish and aspiring aesthetics of New York City. The ad regularly appears on FYPs (For You Pages), and content creators and TikTokers across the world have been sharing their versions of the Kate Spade dance. Jenny Campbell, CMO for Kate Spade, said: “TikTok… allows us to connect with audiences in a way that gets them directly involved in the fun, while also encouraging them to create content through their own unique perspectives.”


I literally wish you would allow comments on your vids so I can express more love for it xxx @katespade

♬ Downtown – Kate Spade New York

The success of this ad follows the triumph of the brand’s spring/summer ad, #katespadehappydance, which followed a very similar concept but to the tune of ‘Get Happy’. Within 24 hours of the launch, the video had been viewed 95M times on TikTok –  the brand has unquestionably created the perfect series of ads. The brand’s TikTok channel mainly consists of unboxing and OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day) with content creators – trends that Gen Z already love – as well as behind the scenes footage from filming. 

Why do we love it? 

The audio is SO catchy, so much so that just hearing the audio on another video instantly makes you think of the ad. It also captures the true feeling of the seasons, be it spring or fall, and plays up to the dreamy aesthetic of NYC. Additionally, to say that, as previously mentioned, Kate Spade isn’t typically viewed as a Gen Z brand, it’s travelled incredibly well, and just goes to prove that any brand can be successful with Gen Z as long as they adapt their content to suit the platform. Check out the video below.


we’re dancing around town with @happykelli & @alexdwong. join us using #katespadenyonthemove 💃

♬ Downtown – Kate Spade New York

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[Cover image 📷: Screenshot from Kate Spade TikTok]


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