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Welcome to Campaign of the Week, where we explore some of the freshest and most exciting campaigns from the brands that are engaging their Gen Z audience and catching our attention every week. Today we’re looking at Specsavers’ latest campaign, ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ 2.0.

Whilst you might not necessarily think of Specsavers as a very Gen Z-friendly brand, their unforgettable slogan ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ is cemented in the minds of many young people. And with the slogan now celebrating its twentieth birthday, the brand has released its latest campaign in celebration: ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ 2.0. Today we take a look at how Specsavers is delivering this campaign and how it’s reaching audiences, both new and old, in exciting and original ways. 

What’s the campaign about?

According to Specsavers, the £4M campaign was launched as a way of reaching a wider audience than before, and is credited to their in-house agency, The Agency. The campaign will run through March and April and will include TV, cinema, digital, OOH, radio and, in a new venture for the brand, in-game coverage. The video asset tells the story of a delivery man delivering a large box in a London tower block, lugging the heavy piece of furniture up several flights of stairs. Unfortunately, once at the top, he’s informed that he’s at the wrong block… in other words, he should’ve gone to Specsavers. As well as this short film, ads are being ‘accidentally’ printed upside down on billboards and in the press across the country.

C4 and ITV’s continuity announcers will also be joining in on the fun, having their own ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ moments by getting their scripts mixed up in between programmes. 

Richard James, creative director at The Agency, said: “Using a location populated by diverse characters, and playing with the line to land new messages, we have successfully evolved it into a more holistic creative platform, reflecting different parts of the business across many different media to give it a new lease of life.” 

Why do we love it? 

Specsavers isn’t afraid to try and engage their younger audiences, and their partnership with in-game advertising platform Anzu proves this. Specsavers is showing that brands, whatever their product or purpose, can reach all number of different audiences as long as they’re willing to adapt to suit different platforms.

You can watch the video asset:

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