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Social media influencers have taken Gen Z by storm with 70% saying that they follow at least one influencer online and almost half having made a purchase because of an influencer’s recommendation. How can your brand cash in on influencer trends? We’ve answered this question and more in our Youth Trends influencer report, available only on Voxburner+. Here is a taste of what you can learn. 

The Influencer Entrepreneur

These days, influencers do more than just post popular content on social media. Many famous start-up brands created by influencers have been successful. Just look at Huda Beauty whose creator, Huda Kattan, began her career with a beauty blog and a Youtube channel. Now she has a net worth of around 510 million dollars. In our Youth Trends influencer report, we will discuss the power of an influencer brand, how to secure endorsements from influencers, and what your company can learn from these emerging businesses. 

Activist Meets Influencer

Gen Z is known as the activist generation, and they want the brands and influencers they follow to reflect that. In our UK Youth Trends Report 2021, Voxburner found that over half of Gen Z believe influencers have a responsibility to set a good example for fans and followers. This means that it is no longer acceptable to stay silent on issues. But how does a company prove that they are genuine when supporting causes? How do they ensure that they are choosing an influencer that will promote their product and avoid controversy? All of these questions will be answered in our Youth Trends influencer report.

The Creator Economy

Along with traditional methods of gaining an income such as brand deals, influencers are also using their platforms to earn money directly from their fans. By using services like OnlyFans, celebrities can earn money by simply interacting with followers. OnlyFans currently has 3.5 million users, and is likely to remain in demand in the future. How can your brand utilise the growing creator economy? Find the answers to these questions in our report.

Buying Influence

Influencers like David Dobrik and MrBeast have gained success thanks to their charismatic personality, but also their large budgets. Just recently, MrBeast launched a $25,000 giveaway with Magic: the Gathering. His post about the giveaway gained almost a million likes and over 8000 comments. Influencers see the power of a giveaway in gaining followers and promoting their brand. How can your brand replicate this success? How can you utilise influencers and giveaways to market your product? In this section of the report, find out how influencers are using giveaways to gain a larger following.

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