Attract, Engage, Retain | How to Connect With Gen Z

Lessons and Leanings From Industry Leaders

As a cohort with an estimated $360 billion in purchasing power, securing Gen Z loyalty should be a top priority for any brand. This generation holds the changemakers, facilitators, and decision-makers of tomorrow – and they’re shaking up how we shop, communicate, and interact. 

They’ve witnessed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted their education and altered their career prospects. Despite this, they remain resilient and hopeful for the future

In this report you’ll learn more about how these core themes are shaping Gen Z’s spending power, and why understanding these themes are important for tapping into it. Supported by contributions and exclusive data cherry-picked from Voxburner’s event, YMS London, this is the go-to guide for any forward-thinking brand. 

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