Youth Trends Report 2023 [US]

To reach Gen Z, your marketing needs to be at the cutting-edge of youth culture. Voxburner’s Youth Trends Report is your ultimate guide to get your marketing mix on point.

The US Youth Trends Report 2023 looks into the cultural, digital and tech trends impacting the lives of 16-24s.

The report will deep-dive into topics on everything from sobriety to sustainability. We cover five key trends, answering questions such as:

  • Is the love affair between Gen Z and influencers finally coming to an end? 
  • Why are young people drinking less than any other generation?
  • How are online wellness trends impacting young consumers as they strive to become the best version of themselves?
  • Gen Z are changing attitudes around OnlyFans – what is prompting this?
  • What are young people looking for when they choose to put loyalty into a brand? What, in this day and age, truly facilitates a stand-out experience? 

You’ll gain exclusive insight from expert contributors, social media creators and data from 1,000 Gen Zers. This report is a must-read for any brand looking to reach young consumers in 2023 and beyond. 

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