Rising Inflation, Shrinking Budgets: How Brands Can Secure College Students’ Spending and Loyalty


The rising cost of living is yet another challenging global event that Gen Z are living through, impacting not only their health and wellbeing, but their spending habits too. The responsibility falls to us as brands, educational systems and youth marketers to do everything possible to understand the issues young people are facing and how we can support them.

In this session, we cover x3 upcoming trends that you should be working on to help college student’s wallets, whilst remaining on their wishlists. We’ll also be sharing a number of case studies of brands who are getting this right, and strategies you too can adopt.

Plus, Student Beans will be hosting a live Gen Z panel within this webinar! You can ask them all your burning questions and find out how rising inflation and the cost of living crisis is affecting them, and what they expect brands like yours to be doing during this time.

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