6 Reasons Why YMS LA is the Must-Attend Youth Marketing Event of the Year

Live events are well and truly back, and more valued than ever before. This year we’ll taking our world-renowned youth marketing event, YMS, to somewhere we’ve never been before… LA! And with our events getting bigger and better every year, you can’t afford to miss out. 

But what makes YMS events so special, and why should it be the number one event in your diary? Well, look no further…

1. We have a world-class speaker lineup

Every year at YMS we’re joined by the faces driving the change in the youth marketing industry. They’ll be sharing their knowledge and experience on all of the most important topics, from exciting e-commerce and the mystical metaverse to popular politics and forward-thinking finance. 

Taking to the YMS22 LA stage this year, we’ll have speakers from Netflix (Winston T Marshall, Executive Consulting Producer), Marriott International (Caroline Godden, Director Global Brand Marketing) and NASCAR (Brooks Deaton, Managing Director). And the list is still growing…!

2. Learn from the freshest insights + hottest trends

Thanks to our dedicated Insights and Content teams, we’re constantly researching the hottest youth insights and diving into the latest Gen Z trends. At YMS we’ll be sharing our favourite stats and themes, all of which will help to underpin your upcoming youth marketing strategies.

3. We’re a festival, not a conference

With youth culture at our heart, we denounce those boring marketing conference stereotypes and work hard to ensure that YMS is fun, fresh and entertaining. With live entertainment and food festivals, you’ll never be bored or hungry! And, perhaps most importantly, YMS is a brilliant place to connect with new people – networking is at the heart of our event, and can’t wait for you to grow and develop new partners.

4. Future proof your youth marketing strategy

YMS doesn’t just look at the here and now, we look towards the future too. Join us at our events will ensure that you and your teams are ahead of the curve, whether that’s be delving into the world of NFTs or understanding the up-and-coming Gen Alpha.

5. Our disruptive agenda covers the topics + tips you need to shape your marketing strategy for the future

Our disruptive agenda covers the topics + tips you need to shape your marketing strategy for the next year. 

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof: 

Panellists on the mainstage at YMS19 LDN

7. Hear directly from Gen Z as they answer YOUR questions

Our remarkable Voxburner Academy is made up of passionate and empowered young people who aren’t afraid to say it how it is. They’ll be joining us at YMS LA, and there’s always an opportunity for you to put your burning marketing questions to them too!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us in November at YMS LA and hear from the brightest minds shaping the youth marketing world. Tickets are on sale now.

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