Who Is Youtube’s Emma Chamberlain and Why Do Gen Z Love Her?

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Emma Chamberlain has come to be one of the world’s most influential people, particularly for Gen Z. Young people love Emma because of her relatable and genuine personality that comes across through her various social media platforms; whilst a lot of other influencers make people put unrealistic expectations on themselves to look or act a certain way, Emma is an influencer that always stresses the importance of being the real and authentic version of yourself. The US influencer started her career on YouTube at the age of seventeen, and five years later, has more than eleven million subscribers and has launched her own coffee company and a weekly podcast. Emma has millions of loyal fans, and uses her fame to not only positively impact her fans, but also the world.

Chamberlain Coffee

‘Chamberlain Coffee’ was launched in 2019, with Emma once stating in an interview that the company had been a dream of hers since she was little. The influencer is known amongst Gen Z to be a coffee lover (she’s always drinking it in her YouTube videos), so this brand move made perfect sense. 

The company creates coffee blends that feature cartoon animals, named Careless Cat, Early Bird, Social Dog, and Night Owl. Not only does the brand have a charming, unique aesthetic, but also has an admirable focus on sustainability. Protecting the environment has come to be a super important factor to Gen Z consumers, with 97% of the generation claiming to have made changes to their behaviour in order to be more sustainble (Voxburner’s Youth Trends Report*). The Chamberlain Coffee website states that they believe in the importance of quality and sustainability when they are sourcing and roasting coffee beans, with the site going on to say: “Our roasting facility go to great lengths to source the finest quality, special grade coffee beans that are sustainably produced and Certified Organic.”

Chamberlain Coffee only works with sustainable coffee suppliers and seeks partnerships that are able to make their products “greener and greater” – one of the suppliers that the brand works with is Food 4 Farmers, who help coffee-farming communities implement and develop organic gardens to increase long-term food security for local families. Emma is doing a great job of giving back to her fans with delicious coffee blends, while also making sure she is being environmentally conscious, and is being repaid in strong fan loyalty and a dedicated Gen Z following.

Anything Goes on Emma’s podcast

As well as a successful coffee business, Emma also hosts a well-known podcast called ‘Anything Goes’. The influencer started the podcast in the early months of 2020 from the comfort of her own bed, and talks about anything and everything that is on her mind that week. She provides advice and insight into real issues that her fans are having, and it’s a great way for her to connect with listeners, making them feel like they’re a part of her life just as much as she is theirs’. 

Emma’s witty humour and delightful personality make the podcast hard not to love, and she has a special way of making everyone feel heard, and Gen Z seems to gravitate towards her because of how much she relates to her audience. Emma doesn’t shy away from showing the challenges that come with being a twenty-one-year-old girl, and this relatability is a massive pull for her fans. Additionally, Emma breaks traditional influencer conventions by shying away from filters and editing, and is a great example of what it means to be a positive influencer.

Key takeaways: 

  • Be real. Yes, Gen Z loves the aesthetic of Instagram and TikTok, but they can also see straight through it and want you to prioritise openness and honesty first. Focus on authenticity, and if you’re using influencers to front your campaigns, take some inspiration from Emma. 
  • Sustainability matters. We say it time and time again, but this is an important way to get Gen Z consumers on side. By acknowledging the work you’re doing (or have yet to do – remember, honesty!), young people will be more inclined to invest time and money in your brand. 
  • Build a strong brand image. Emma’s love for coffee was no secret to her viewers and followers prior to the launch of Chamberlain Coffee, and so her business seemed like a logical step forward. Make your campaign leaders/influencers live and breathe your product. 

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