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Izzy Hall

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A new social app is about to be released by the creators of one of the most promising apps of the past few years, and the industry is gearing up to expect the next viral sensation among Gen Z.

Made With Friends is currently only available for pre-order, but its page in the App Store gives us an idea of what to expect. It explains, “Made With Friends (MW/F) is an app where you discover the real you by your real friends. Unlike other apps where you post to your own profile — your profile on MW/F is made by your friends when they answer questions about you, tag you in prompts, or take photo & videos of you.”

The reason why this app is making headlines in the tech press even before it’s released is because its developer is listed as TTYL Inc., the same company that created the Poparazzi app that went viral in 2021. As a result of its initial popularity, the founders won $15 million in Series A funding, which we can assume they used to create Made With Friends, which has a similar concept but more advanced functionality. For example, a wider range of content types can be uploaded to a profile.

While the concept is different on the surface to other new trending apps like BeReal and Locket, Made With Friends has one key thing in common: it’s all about strengthening and maintaining close bonds with your best friends. These platforms feel refreshing to young social media users who have become disenchanted with apps such as Instagram and Facebook, which have shifted their focus gradually away from friends and family to brands, influencers and media content. Essentially, they are looking for apps that will offer what they originally went to those platforms for, which they are no longer delivering.

In the case of Made With Friends, it also ties into another trend we’ve previously covered here: the controversial Q&A apps that pop up under different names every year. The opportunity to source feedback from friends is something that seems to have evergreen appeal with young people. However, while the functionality is similar to popular apps like Sendit and NGL, it looks like commenting anonymously will not be an option on Made With Friends, creating more of a safe and hopefully bully-free environment for young users.

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