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A new aesthetic trend that’s popping up on TikTok and Instagram suggests that young people are growing tired of wellness content, and some are rebelling by embracing a more hedonistic lifestyle. ‘Night luxe’ is viewed as the antithesis of the ‘that girl’ trend, which idealises those who have the self-control to be healthy and organised. It represents a rebellion against the pressure to be perfect which is associated with the wellness, nutrition and fitness communities on social media.

The night luxe trend sees the familiar images of young women in workout gear sipping a smoothie replaced with a more glamorous aesthetic. Girls are sharing photos of themselves on nights out to bars and fancy restaurants, wearing dresses, handbags and high heels, sipping cocktails and enjoying decadent dinners. Considering the cost of the lifestyle, it’s no more accessible to the average young person than the expensive moisturisers and leggings promoted by wellness influencers, but it marks a change in what is portrayed as aspirational. In fact, it’s a return to how celebrities and socialites (the influencers of the day) wanted to be seen in the ‘90s.

Gen Z are sometimes called ‘Generation Sensible,’ and we typically find them to be more wholesome and idealistic than the more cynical and nihilistic Millennial cohort, who became jaded after graduating into a recession and discovering that all the opportunities afforded to their parents weren’t going to come so easily to them. You can read more about this in the latest US edition of our annual Youth Trends Report, where we question whether Gen Z will retain that optimistic attitude as they grow older and face the realities of adult life. The night luxe trend suggests that some of the group are already growing out of it.

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